Abschlussfahrt der 10 a nach Prag


Die großen europäischen Metropolen sind Jahr für Jahr ein beliebtes Ziel bei Klassenfahrten.
Unsere 10 a hat sich in die bezaubernde Welt der tschechischen Hauptstadt Prag begeben und im Anschluß einen Reisebericht im Englischunterricht verfasst:


On Monday we went to Prague, four hours later than we had planned. We were too late, because there was smoke and fire in the tunnel of underground and suburban trains. Then we went to the cinema and got an exclusive showing of the film “Hexe Lilli”. The movie was very funny. After the movie, we went back to the train station and we sat down in the train to Prague. After six hours on the train we arrived Prague and when we finally arrived at our hotel we got the rooms under the roof. In the evening we went to eat in a pub. There we ate “Viennese Schnitzel”. People were allowed to smoke in the pub.
On the next day at 10 o’clock we had a sightseeing tour through Prague including the Wenzelsplace, Lucena passage, the garden of a monastery, theatres, the Karlova-University, the Cubist Museum, a powder tower and the Karlsbridge. It was boring sometimes. In the evening we went to the hard-rock-café. It was very funny and really delicious. After that we went back to the hotel for watching “Bayern Munich” against “Inter Milan”. Unfortunately “Bayern” lost the game.
On Wednesday we went on another sightseeing tour. We went to the castle of Prague and walked around the whole complex. It was a very fantastic view from there down on the city. On this day it was very cold and windy. We all were freezing. In our free time we went to the market and bought a lot of funny things. After this we cooked by ourselves in the apartment, salad with chicken. It was delicious.
On Thursday we first had a sightseeing tour to Josefstadt. We looked for the synagogues and graveyards of the Jewish community. Then we went to a boat trip including dinner and afterwards we went to the greatest club in Europe. It was very funny and there was very good music.
On Friday we went back home again. All in all it was a great class trip!

(group project class 10a; final version: Marco E.)

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