Abschlussfahrt nach Budapest


A train journey to Budapest

On Monday morning, March 14th 2011, our class 10b went on a class trip to Budapest for five days. After travelling by train for a long time we arrived in Budapest in the evening. From Budapest Central Station we travelled with our guide Edith to our three star hotel “Griff” by tram. We had rooms with two or three beds and breakfast and dinner was inclusive. The next day was the national holiday of Hungary on which we went on a city tour and our class visited the “Heroes’ Square”. The highlight of the day were a lot of motor bikers who were driving along the road. In the evening, after dinner, we went into a sports bar to watch soccer because FC Bayern Munich played against Inter Milan. By the way, three boys had a bet running. Two of them lost this bet and they had to do some modeling in thongs in the hotel corridor. On the third day we went to a labyrinth where we all went together. The next stop for us was the castle. The view from the top of the mountain was awesome because you can see the sights and the whole city of Budapest. During the next days we did a lot of sightseeing, for example we visited the House of Wonders, the Tropicarium and Planetarium or McDonalds. We used our spare time for shopping or swimming in a thermal bath. The last night and our final trip for 19 of us lead us to Pest to the club Moulin Rouge. The Danube separates Budapest into Buda, Pest and Saint Margaret’s Island. About eight bridges connect the three areas. It might be interesting to know that we paid with Forint instead of Euros. We were happy about the weather because we had three sunny days and only the last two were rainy days. Our class trip ended on Friday night.

(The whole class worked on several versions of this article which then were put together into one article; final version: Steffi S. and Sarah W.)

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